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Ice Hockey Rink

Holiday 2023 Camp


Flames Community Arena - Calgary, AB


  • Sessions will be designed to include high intensity skating drills, with high repetition to ensure refinement of proper skating technique. 

  • All sessions include 20 -25 minute technical & endurance warmups. 

  • Drills will include forward stride, backwards skating,  crossovers, edge control, quick turns, transitions, small area skating & positional skating. 



Dates – Dec 26,27,28, 29th – Flames Community Arena, Calgary.   

Group 1 – U9 – 10:45am - 11:45am 

Group 2 – U11 / U13 –9:30 – 10:30am   

 ****October sign up rate $150 *****

After October rate increase to $175


To register email:, once confirmed email transfer to complete registration process. 


Players Name: 

Date of Birth:

Current Level of Play (Team):

Parents Name: 

Parents Contact Info (Address, Mobile #, Email):  

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